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Young brand, experienced people

Fumist is a young brand, yet created and run by people with decades-long experience. We have been present on the tobacco market since early 1990s. Hence this endeavor is not a fresh start of a new company, but rather the next step by experts of the tobacco industry. We are always open to novel perspectives of development.


We specialize in cigarette tubes. Aside from our own brands, we offer services of contract production. Thanks to a modern, automated machine fleet and first-class materials and components we are able to live up to the our customers’ highest expectations.

Seeing room for brand new ideas and products, we propose a gradually expanding array of products to our customers, ranging from cigarette tubes to smoking accessories. For a start, Fumist offers two of its own brands, Firebox and Smokster, available in a variety of sizes. Yet we develop every day!

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cigarette tubes